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Founded in 2018 by Robin Zwama and Beluccina Liu. The Shapery is a passionate team of experienced and award-winning designers from Europe. We know how to bring your products successfully to the market. Based in Shanghai, China we are close to manufacturers and have a close network of design professionals. We have international experience and are working together with European, American and Asian brands. We are specialists in Industrial (Product) Design, Branding Design, and Digital Design. We design and develop products with the success of our clients as our top priority. We carefully craft each detail based on thorough research, market placement, and testing. Our portfolio ranges from consumer products (smart cookware, stationary) to smart wearables (smartwatches, VR glasses) and professional goods (hydrogen dispensers, medical equipment).

由 Robin Zwama 和 Beluccina Liu 于2018年创立。 The Shapery 是由来自欧洲经验丰富且屡获世界殊荣的设计师组成的激情团队。 我们知道如何将您的产品成功推向市场。 总部位于中国上海,我们与制造商关系密切,并且拥有专业的设计师网络。 同时拥有国际设计项目经验,与欧洲、美国和亚洲客户合作。 我们是工业(产品)设计、品牌设计和数字化设计的专家。 以客户的成功为首要任务,进而设计和开发各项产品。 我们根据深入的调查研究、市场布局和测试来精心进行每个细节。 产品范围广泛,包括消费产品(智能炊具、日用品、家居产品、办公用品等)、智能可穿戴设备(智能手表、VR 眼镜)和专业级产品(氢气分配器、医疗设备等)。



We love what we do. Our strong and caring team is disciplined in industrial design, digital design, UX/UI, CMF, packaging, branding, engineering, and design strategy. At The Shapery we truly believe in the effectiveness of our strategic design approach. The success of our partners is our goal and our track-record. Set up in Shanghai and Hong Kong we focus on improving and creating brands all over the world.
我们热爱我们所从事的事业。 我们实力强大并且热情投入的团队在工业设计、数字化设计、UX / UI、CMF、包装、品牌、工程和设计策略方面严谨专业。 在The Shapery 我们真正相信策略设计方法的有效性和价值。 合作伙伴的成功是我们的目标和宝贵的业绩记录。 我们在上海和香港设有公司,致力于在全球范围内改善和创造品牌。