Rational thinking.
Emotional Design.


Design philosophy

We believe there are two halves to design, just like there are two halves to the brain: The rational part and the emotional part.

Experience taught us that in order to make a product, service or brand successful we need to base our decision making throughout the design process on properly analysed data. This rational side of our design process runs parallel to the emotional side. This is where we carefully take into account the emotional relationship between the product and the user to increase their desire to own and interact with it. Including this empathy into our design process allows us to see the world through the eyes of the people we are designing for. This balanced formula makes our design approach highly effective for creating and developing targeted, beautiful, and successful products.


经验告诉我们,为了使产品、服务或品牌成功,我们需要在整个设计过程根据严密的调查研究分析数据来做出决策。 设计过程中这种理性思维与感性思维应该是平衡的。 我们认真考虑在产品与用户之间的感性思维关系,进而来增强他们的占有欲以及与其互动的冲动。将这种共鸣纳入我们的设计过程中,可以使我们从目标受众的眼中看到世界。这种平衡使得我们的设计方式可以非常高效地创建和开发有针对性、注重细节和美观的产品。


A proper start is crucial. We do this by creating a solid base to predict feasible and successful design directions. We research and analyze your company and its brand strategy, competition, overall market, design trends, CMF, related products, users and targets. During the design process we use this data to consult on the right decisions.



Based on the analysed research we create the first concept directions. By testing and iterating we diverge and converge until a clear direction for the final concept is delivered. A final concept is an accurate representation of the final design and functional direction, whether this is a product, a visual brand language, or an app.



We offer manufacture-ready CAD for Industrial Design. We provide either outlook CAD or full in-house mechanical engineering. We are driven by the quality of the actual final products we design, so we offer consultancy during and after production. For manufacturing, branding, and marketing we work together with trusted partners to make sure we deliver what we promise.

我们提供用于工业设计生产制造就绪的CAD。提供Outlook CAD或完整的内部机械工程。我们受设计的实际最终产品质量的驱使,因此我们在生产期间和生产后均提供咨询服务。在制造、品牌和营销方面,我们与可信赖的合作伙伴共同合作以确保兑现我们的承诺。